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How to register MP3 WMA Recorder Pro Help
Revision 2.3

You will get a registration code from us after you ordered WMA MP3 Recorder.

Enter you registration name and code following these steps:

  • Running WMA MP3 Recorder
  • Press "Settings" button
  • Press "Register" button and registration dialog will appear.
  • Input your real name (placed at order form) and code exactly as what you've got.

Please copy and paste the registration name and code to the registration dialog and DON'T type it manually because it's difficult to distinguish the letter "l" (lower case of "L") from "1" (one) and "o" from "0" (zero), etc.
  • Press "Register" button

When the registration information was accepted, you can access the full functions of WMA MP3 Recorder.

If you have any problem, please fell free to contact us by sending e-mail to:

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