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Options MP3 WMA Recorder Pro Help
Revision 2.3

Sample Rate

Select the quality of encoding. The higher Sample Rate means highter quality but with a larger file size. We recommend 44100Khz - CD-audio quality.


Select the quality of encoding. Determines the number of bits per second. The higher bitrate means highter quality but with a larger file size. We recommend 128 Kbps.

Table 1.1: Bitrate versus sound quality
Bitrate Bandwidth Quality comparable to or better than
16 kbps 4.5 kHz shortwave radio
32 kbps 7.5 kHz AM radio
96 kbps 11 kHz FM radio
128 kbps 16 kHz near CD
160-180 kbps
(variable bitrate)
20 kHz perceptual transparency
256 kbps 22 kHz studio


You can select Stereo or Dual channel mode. Dual Channel Mode - In this mode, the encoder will make use of a correlation between both channels in order to achieve higher compression. This will enhance the quality of constant bitrate recordings, and reduce the size of variable bitrate recordings. We recommend Stereo mode for best quality.


Mark the encoded file as being copyrighted.


Check this option if encoded file is original, otherwise the encoded file as being a copy.


Turn on CRC error protection. It will add a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) code in each frame, allowing to detect transmission errors that could occur on the MP3 stream. However, it takes 16 bits per frame that would otherwise be used for encoding, and then will slightly reduce the sound quality.


Mark the encoded file as private use only.

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